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1 Day Bwindi Gorilla Tracking Uganda

December 21, 2017
1 Day bwindi Gorillas

1 Day Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Uganda Safari

1 Day Gorilla Trekking Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

The 1 Day allows us to Penetrate the only remaining un spoiled Bwindi Impenetrable forest with dark forest evidenced by nicotine-brown squeezing to make penetrations into the sky giving refuge to the that gives you a teeth-gritting experience in the Bwindi territories leveled up by the decaying air and stifling atmosphere on your 1 day gorilla trekking safari.

Our 1 day safari Uganda takes us to the countryside south-western Uganda in the inviting Kanungu city raised on top over the fringing edge of the Albertine Rift as seen to be part of the ancient western branch of the East African Rift that hugs borders with the Democratic republic of Congo in the western part of Uganda.

1 Days safari Guidelines

Worried whether the “Juice is worthy the Squeeze”?, Well, we have trained Safari guides who easily track the hide outs for these mountain Gorilla families, we penetrate the giant primeval Centuries-old trees with sprawling limbs guardeing the darkness through the numerous gorilla trekking trails as you feel the nature and Gorilla trekking experience in blue and white.

1 Day Bwindi Gorilla TrackingWell, i have to be keen with you, Bwindi Impenetrable forest is a mist covered and rain forest with one of the oldest national parks in Uganda and is a habitat of the only left biggest percentage of Mountain Gorilla families in the world, It’s a home to over 400 mountain Gorillas with the best view to the Mgahinga national park Uganda shielding the stunning voluminous volcano mountains just an arm away distance.

1 Day Gorilla trekking Bwindi

The 1 Day Gorilla Tracking favors visitors who have limited time off work and their busy day but would want to encounter with mountain Gorillas in Bwindi forest especially visitors from Kisoro and town.

A Gorilla permit can be booked in advance before your day of tracking and encounter with the only left mountain Gorillas in the world, Please let us know and give you fully detailed about the Gorilla trekking kits, what you need to have with you for the effecient experience in the Wilderness.

What to Encounter with on our 1 Day Bwindi Gorilla trekking Safari

As much as this is the best place, Okay, truly a place to make your veins freeze over Gorilla Watching, there are other Spectacular activities to encounter with just on your 1 Day Safari; The Nature walks through the shadowy groves of this tropical rain forest gives us a chance to encounter with 348 Bwidi Bird species especially hornbills and turacos, hundreds of species of butterflies, frogs, chameleons, geckos just to mention a few.

Itinerary | 1 Day Bwindi Gorilla Tracking

wake up early morning at 6am, prepare and have your breakfast, an experienced driver/guide will be ready to pick you up from your residence or accommodation and take you to the briefing centre at 7:30am.

Later, be briefed about the whole Gorilla tracking and then set off by 8: am, you will be guided by experienced game rangers and guide throughout the rain forest and mountain slopes with a group of 8 trekkers. Finally, drive to the park, enjoy the mother nature with a lot of tree species, sights the volcanoes mountains a distance of Mgahinga national park.

Enjoy birding over 100 different bird species while making your tracking in the drive. The forest has steep slopes so you will need exercise to build your muscles. And we later be allowed to encounter with the wild apes for 1 hour. Then, see how they feed, groom their members and experience their day to day activities.

Take videos and photographs but you’re not allowed to use flash cameras or make noise during the trekking.You will then return to the lodge or area of residence if time doesn’t allow you can have your packed lunch in the forest as you enjoy the Mother Nature.

Remember Mountain Gorillas are wild animals, sighting cannot be guaranteed however viewing success can rate over 90%. Our clients always find a compelling monument living to be a story teller over this encounter with the Giant Gorillas, enjoy the magnificent picturesque for pics.

After this encounter, our Safari Guide will drive you back to the area of Pick or continue with other programmes as guided by your Safari budget and the Safari itinerary.

Inclusion (Bottled water, Transport, Bottled water, Fuel, Guide fee). Exclusion (Phones bill, Craft shopping, Tipping
What to Pack (Trekking shoes, Long pants, Rain coat, Caps, Long stockings, Packed lunch)