1 Day Kampala City Tour

1 Day Kampala City Tour an amazing adventure

Aerial view of Kampala City

1 Day Kampala City: Aerial view of Kampala City

1 Day Kampala City: Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and is found in the central region and 40km drive away from the international airport of Uganda.

It’s developing with new infrastructure compared to how it was before the regime of president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

it has many activities going on to make it a better city, And  it’s the biggest city thrilled at the shores of lake Victoria with over 2million people who are exciting and welcoming.

Kampala is the main  home of political and administration of Uganda.

More so, its built on the seven hills of Uganda and is a big city  of exciting things which  can be seen and viewed nearby because they are all reachable making our visitors feel life away from their homes.

Kampala city offers a number of opportunities and sightseeing highlights of Uganda for example the parliament of Uganda not forgetting Uganda is the pearl of Africa.

Highlights of 1 Day Kampla City Tour:

Traditional tours, Business, Culture sites, Religious structures and the Political administration

 Detailed Itinerary (1 Day Kampala City Tour)

Early morning after your breakfast and preparation, a tour guide will pick you up from your accommodation or residence and take you through a briefing of the whole tour.

Head for your city tour the heart of Kampala that never sleeps where you will encounter with a number of people.

You will head to the city centre to interact with the people of Uganda, see shopping malls out of dust, banks, the organisation body of Uganda parliament and governance.

Listen to your guide how he  tells a story of how Uganda gained its independence and governance , view the cheaper guest houses, restaurants forex bureaus as you go through the city visit the market areas.


visit owino market known as the first market in Uganda and biggest with over 40,000 vendors and very known for selling second hand clothes at affordable price not forgetting Nakasero market.

See how the locals market their food and vegetables, this will help you see different local foods in both markets. This helps the locals to support themselves for example the disabled, widow, the sick, and those ones who are interested in market business.

Visit the old taxi park, come close to the park of minibus taxies and taxi vans which transport people to their residence area.

Enjoy how taxi drivers shout in a loud voice to let passengers in, the park collects a number of people from different origins of Uganda making the park more busy during evening hours when offices are closing and schools.

With the atmosphere in the park you will have to enjoy to your fullest seeing the taxi drivers enjoying their business.

Kisenyi slum area:

visit the slum area which is found in the city. It accommodates the locals, see how they challenge life by the way of living at home and how work is done at the area of their residents.

Listen to their   story of how they came to live there, including the local blacksmith.  Then see the metal working shops, furniture, fruit vendors.

This will help you gain clear understanding with the life of the slum and the related activities that do take place in such areas

Gaddafi mosque:

visit the biggest mosque in Uganda which was constructed by colonel mummer Gaddafi of Libya as a gift to Uganda during his safari. Visit inside and see how the mosque was set in and out. See how the Moslem culture is conducted where they wear fitting clothes which covers the wrist to ankle and also cover their heads it accommodates over 15,000 people.

Kabaka’s palace(bulange)

with the help of the guide you will then head to the Kabaka’s palace, visit the first parliament of Buganda kingdom where the members of Buganda meet and sit to discuss matters of the kingdom.

Have a sight of the first car and fighting weapons which were used during the Kabaka’s rule, also have a look at the traditional architectures in the palace.

The guide will lead you to Amin’s torture chambers where he used to torture the opposition members  and kill them and then proceed to the Kabaka’s lake. 

It’s the biggest   man-made lake in Uganda  and constructed by 52 clans of Buganda. It was used  by the king as a channel to lake Victoria to travel, swim and carry out fishing.

It’s a place to sight view the birds around the lake, You will then head to the new parliament of Buganda located in the same direction with the old parliament, a 2 minutes drive.

Rubaga cathedral

visit the oldest Catholic Church and biggest overlooking the city and the well-known church of martyrs.

Namirembe cathedral

visit the Namirembe cathedral, the first church of Uganda and Anglican Church to be built in Uganda. It is the biggest in East Africa and accommodates 10,000 people.

Your guide will guide you through the church well giving you full details.

Kasubi tombs

After drive to the kasubi tombs, it’s a 15minutes drive. Visit the tombs of legendary kings of Buganda, where they are buried.

it’s the largest grass thatched structure in the world and one of the most visited tombs and the traditional architecture.

It’s a spiritual and political site of Ganda people and much respected in the culture of Buganda with 5 tombs of different kings of Buganda

Uganda Museum

proceed to the Uganda museum which displays and exhibits ethnological natural historical and traditional life.

view different arts and a cultural village with grass thatched houses. Most of Uganda’s ancient artifacts like culture houses from every tribe of Uganda  enjoy the ancient of days and historical experience at the Museum .

Have a look at idi Amin’s Mercedes, displays, long horned Buffalo and Indian elephants of 20 million years ago,  buy yourself a craft before you live for remembrance.

 Lunch break | 1 Day Kampala City Tour

The museum has a fine restaurants, you can rest here for lunch and make yourself enjoy one of Africa’s local cuisine or proceed to the nearby restaurant for lunch.

Bahia temple

 Proceed to the only Bahia temple in Africa, full of believers. It is believed in uniting all human races in one religion .

Enjoy the photogenic environment with beautiful spot sight, see the colorful birds over 50 species and small creatures like squirrels this will give you a more relaxed awe in spring of free people.

Namugongo Uganda martyrs

visit the shrines of Uganda martyrs who were burnt live by the kabaka of Buganda because of their religious faith in Jesus.

And the shrines are constructed in the shaped traditional hut of Buganda known as ‘akasisira’ and also be able to view the 22 pillars the hut stands on, representing the 22 martyrs who were killed.

You will view the water which is believed to be traditional healer.

Finally, the drive will take you to the area of residence or accommodation where our guide picked you from.

1 Day Kampala City Tour

Meal plan lunch, Travel hours 9-10hours

Inclusive (Lunch, Local English speaking guide, Transport, Entrance fee, Bottled water)

1 Day Kampala City Tour Activities

EXCLUSION (Tipping, Phone bills, Personal expenditure, Alcoholic drinks, Travel insurance, Shop item purchases)