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2 Days Jinja Source of the Nile Uganda Safari

January 18, 2018
2 days jinja falls

Practical Guide to 2 Days Jinja Source of the Nile Safari

On your Guided 2 Days jinja source of the Nile Uganda Safari, visit the freezing Nile Atlantis-blue gushing over the rocks forming the longest river in the world flowing as smoothly as syrup in jinja eastern part, welcoming with the unusual humming sound vibrating in the air depricting the iconic beauty and activities perfomed in Jinja.

What to Do and See in Jinja town – 2 Days Jinja Safari

The location and Nature of Jinja gives you that all alone feeling with an experience to wildlife primates like Monkeys, numerous birds especially the water loving birds, feel the ecology as it used to be 50 years ago around this corrided source of the Nile. Jinja City Sits along the northern shores of Lake Victoria near the source of the White Nile, this makes the city to be the second economic city in Uganda, because of the water bodies and the location that support vast activities.

Jinja town is a city of its own away from the crowds, its vast surrounding water bodies makes it the first and largest source of Hydro Electric power station based at the ancient Owen falls dam, this attracts numerous activities around the jinja recreational centres making jinja a tourist hub of its own and the first reachable place for a Muzungu to visit.

Tourist attractions in Jinja include; the roaring source of Nile-discovered by the first European John Hnning speke, the thousands of passenger fish leaping at the gushing Atlantis-blue falls with all their might, hippopotami and crocodiles lying sleepily along the water banks, the tiresly ferry at work all time above the falls, the long horned cattle driven down to drink at the margin of the shuddering cold lake, the local fishermen throwing and tosting baits and hoots, the clarity of the Caribbean-blue waterfalls(itanda falls, kalagala falls, Bujagali falls, Sezibwa falls), visit Mabira forest the best birding destination with numerous endemics abd nany more.

2 days Jinja bungee jumping on the falls

Other activities which are carried out in this place include water rafting down the clarity of the Caribbean-blue waterfalls arranged and guidedin grade levels, kayaking, boat cruise in the Nile, sport fishing, cycling, bungee jumping, nature walks, the horseback rides through the open universe community tours among others.

Itenerary of 2 Days Jinja Source of the Nile