2 Days Mburo National Park Wildlife Uganda Safari Tour

Visit the trending 2 days Uganda safari to Lake Mburo National Park experiencing numerous 2 Days Mburo National Park Uganda Wildlife Safari with the top things to see and do in the sun-baked Open Lake Mburo National Park savana woodlands full of wildlife animals to encounter with our Uganda holiday safari to Mburo Park. Mburo National Park offers Vast game park activities like Bicycle tours, Igongo cultural Centre, Horse back ride safaris, the salt lick, Rubanga Forest, Cultural experience, Nature guided walks and Spot Fishing

Stand a chance to cutomise your Lake Mburo National park Uganda Holiday safari activities as you plan for your Lake Mburo budget, the encharting park Lake Mburo is the smallest national park in Uganda and the first national park in the western region located 3km by road from Mbarara City, however the small nature of this park encompass it with unique adventorous game park activities, it’s the only park best to view the 350 bird species recording.

2 Days Mburo National Park Grazing wildlifeThe park has different lakes and swamps that support abundant herds of antelopes, attracts hippos and crocodiles. As guided, the Lake Mburo Boat ride is adventurous as you sight out to the school of hippos, water birds, fishing societies and the near by grazing buffaloes. The park is also a known home to the long horned cattles of Bahima traditional culture which are seen grazing around the park sector.

Tour | Safari inclusiveBoat cruise, Transport, Meals(Lunch and breakfast), Entrance, Guide, Battle water. Tour | Safari ExclusiveTips, Personal up keep, Craft shopping, Phone bills

Guided Itinerary for 2 Days Lake Mburo National Park