3 Days Gorilla Tracking Uganda touring Bwindi Expeditions

3 Days Gorilla Tracking Bwindi

The compelling 3 days Gorilla Tracking safari takes us to Bwindi impenetrable national park , located in the southwest of Uganda at the edge of a rift valley facing the stunning virunga ranges in congo. it’s one of the oldest national parks in Uganda which dates over 25,000 years ago. The word Bwindi is derived from a Runyatara language meaning Impenetrable. Its dominated by a thick undergrowth and is seen standing with both montane and low land forests.

This forest is mist covered and most biologically diverse rain forest . And it’s a habitat which protects over 400 mountain Gorillas and 150 mammals including primates like baboon, chimpanzee, the white colobus monkeys, elephants, antelopes, among others. The forest, hosts over 250 bird species, 350 plant species, 200 species of butterflies, 100 species of ferns, chameleons including 23 Albertine rift endemics.

Explore the wilderness on your 3 Days Tracking Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest. This is one of the biggest jungle sheltering half of the endagerd species mountain


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Wake up ealry morning for a delicious breakfastnumerous different meals with a diet of over 380 boosted calories, with less or no fat content.

After that by 06:00 get ready, An early preparation ensures us to be done with the park activities by 06:00pm
An early preparation ensures us to be done with the park activities by late hours

3 days Gorilla Tracking Bwindi impenetrable forest

Interestingly, in our 3days gorilla package, you can also have an opportunity to discover more bwindi expeditions like the local Bakiga and the Batwa culture, they are believed to be the first people to live in the forest.

Key Highlights of the Itinerary: Wildlife like hyenas, Nature walks, Forest Trails, scenic views, Gorilla Tracking, Culture Encounters

Well, the main activity in Bwindi is Gorilla tracking-Interesting 3 days Gorilla Tracking safari

A Gorilla permit can be booked in advance before your day of tracking Gorillas, and enjoy other activities like bird watching, Batwa trail, the forest trails, that can lead to falls trail, river trail, and swamps trail.

Tour | Safari inclusive
Transportation, Meals(Lunch and breakfast), Entrance fee, fuel, Guide, Battle water, Game Drives, Accomodation fee,
Tour | Safari Exclusives
Tips, Personal up keep, Craft shopping, Phone bills

Itinerary of our 3 Days Gorilla Tracking Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Day 1: | 3 Days Gorilla Tracking Gorillas Travel to Bwindi

In preparation for the mindblowing 3 days Gorilla Tracking safari, we need to wake up very early in the morning at 6am, have a heavy breakfast. Then, our driver/guide briefs you about the whole trip to Bwindi forest .

After, Drive to southwest to cover up the 9hour drive this early morning. The drive enables us not to encounter with the traffic jam and also enable us to reach on time.

Have your first stop over at the Equator where you have a chance to take pictures and have an amazing scenery of the imaginary line, the north and South Pole at path way of the sun in Africa.

There is a craft shop around the equator where you may buy a souvenir and then proceed to Mbarara as you path through the cultivated lands. See the Ankole longed horned cattle’s grazing as you proceed to the western region, you will have a stopover in Mbarara for lunch at Agip motel (optional).

After that, proceed to Bwindi forest, go through Kabale the land of hills and the Rugged roads, enjoy the beautiful scenery and continue driving as you will arrive at Bwindi. Later, check in at your Lodge ,refresh and enjoy your dinner.
Accommodation (option) dinner and breakfast: (Buhoma community lodge, Gorilla safari Lodge, Bwindi lodge, Nkuringo Gorilla camp, Gorilla forest camp, Bwindi view rest camp)

Day 2 of our 3 Days Gorilla Tracking Gorillas package

wake up early morning for a heavy breakfast and prepare yourself. Our driver/guide will drive you to the park headquarters at 7am, be briefed about the whole tracking and proceed to the park on foot with the an armed game ranger and the guide.

Remember to exercise a day before your trekking because the forest is quite challenging with steep slopes and needs more energy to go through in search for the Gorillas.
Later, we shall go through the forest as you view different tree species, plants, you might spot out some bird species, the white colobus monkeys and elephants.

During your Tracking, finding the Gorillas will depend on how faster you are and where the Gorillas last feed the previous day. When we find them, your only allowed to have 1 hour with the wild apes see how they feed, groom their members and experience their day to day activities.

This is an amazing experience you will never forget in the wilderness at a stand of 7meters away from the Gorillas. Take videos and photographs but you’re not allowed to use flash cameras or make noise during the trekking.

Here then, spend 1 hour in the wildness and enjoy your packed lunch in case the trekking takes long and you are late to have lunch at the lodge. Finally, head back to the pack headquarters for a Gorilla ceremony, and as usual, be awarded a certificate of participating Gorilla Trekking in Uganda Africa.

Later, Go back to your lodge/Hotel, refresh and prepare for other activities at the park. We shall later go for the Batwa trail, the first people to who lived in the rock caves of the forest. And then, have a community walk as you enjoy the experience of the local people.

Visit the traditional doctor in the area and head back for dinner at the lodge after your joyful day full of memories that are un forgettable in the wild.

Accommodation (option) breakfast, lunch and dinner: (Buhoma community lodge, Gorilla safari Lodge, Bwindi lodge, Nkuringo Gorilla camp, Gorilla forest camp, Bwindi view rest camp)

Day 3 of our 3 Days Gorillas Package

Wake up early morning for heavy breakfast and prepare for your journey back to Kampala before 6pm. Have lunch in Mbarara at Agip motel and a stopover at igongo culture centre, our guide will give you full information about the culture. And also you might admire and buy yourself a souvenir at the centre and continue your journey to Kampala back to your hotel or airport for departure.