3 days Hiking Muhavura Mountain (Volcano 4,127m)

3 Days Hiking Muhavura

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is also known as Muhabura Mountain, it is one of the extinct volcano in the Virunga mountain ranges located at the border between Rwanda and Uganda.

The park is covered on a total surface of 4,127 meters, it’s the third highest of the mountain at the part of the Albertine rift in the western branch of the East Africa.

The name Muhavura is derived from a Kinyarwanda word meaning ‘guide’. This is because it can be seen in many parts and directions from Uganda.

Itinerary of 3 days Muhavura/Muhabura Mountain

Highlight of the 3 days Hiking Muhavura safari trip,3 days hiking muhavura mountain

  1. /Climbing Mountain Muhavura up to the Summit
  2. Encountering with the Uganda’s Equator Line in Masaka City
  3. View the Long Horned Cattle in Mbarara, Mbarara City
  4. View with a rugged and Rolling Hills
  5. in the Virunga Ranges-Volcanoes

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Arrange with the esteemed African Adventure Travellers Tour Company for your tour trip to the wilderness, Encounter with primates, Mammals, land animals as you trail through to hike the Mountain’s summit.

Day 1: of our 3 days Hiking Muhavura Safari Package

wake up early morning our driver or guide will take you through a briefing about the whole itinerary and then drive west part of Uganda.

Have a stopover at the equator line in where the south and north pole line crosses in the middle of Africa take pictures and also check out the craft shops around the equator.

Our 3 Days Mountain Mgahinga Hike involves mountain hikes,seeing the swamps and saddles between the mountains that retain water

With this 6 days safari package, you will be entitled to a game drive, rafting, volcanoes, tracking gorillas, wildlife beasts, oribis, giraffes, lions, buffalos, kobs, warthogs, elephants, leopards, waterbucks. Boat ride on the Nile River to see, animals like buffalos, elephants on the water banks and crocodiles.


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Wake up ealry morning for a delicious breakfastnumerous different meals with a diet of over 380 boosted calories, with less or no fat content.

After that by 06:00 get ready, An early preparation ensures us to be done with the park activities by 06:00pm

Interestingly, you might admire and buy some crafts for yourself continue with the journey well you pass via the cultivated lands, Your next stop over will be at Agip motel for lunch.

later on proceed to town as you pass the rugged rounds and rolling hills it’s such a beautifully scenery to experience arrive at the lodge and check in relax and get ready for dinner.

3 days Hiking Mgahinga Mountain – Mountain Wild Life Safaris Uganda

This package is intresting, You can see that the extinct volcano in the Virunga ranges, borders between Rwanda and Uganda. Enjoy Hiking, wild life in 3 days. Tour mountain Ranges. This 3 days Hiking Muhavura safari gives you monuments to encounter with.

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Day 2: | 3 Days Hiking Muhavura Safari Tour

Wake up for breakfast, pack water and lunch, our guide will transfer you to the park headquarters at 7am.
The hike takes 8 hours to and from, the hike is an adventurous worthy the visit.

Walk through the steep slopes as you pass the magnificent terrains that are thick and have thick shrubs.
Finally have the view of the Crater Lake and the .Later head back to your lodge for a night and dinnerAccommodation (option)Chameleon hill lodge, Travellers rest hotel, Amajambere iwacu camp.
What to carry with you.
Walking sticks, Sunscreens, Head caps, Packed food and water, Hiking bouts, Rain jackets

Day 3: | 3 Days Hiking Muhavura Safari Tour

Wake up early morning and pack your items, our driver will be ready to transfer you back to the lodge where he previously picked you from on day 1, or transferring you to the Airport for departure.