3 Days Hiking Nyiragongo Volcanoes

3 Days Hiking Nyiragongo Volcanoes | Virunga Ranges

Mount Nyiragongo is located in Goma town, west of Rwanda at the border of it covers a total surface area of about 3,470metres in Virunga national park which is found in Democratic Republican of Congo.

3 days hiking NyiragongoIt’s the only African most active volcano with steep sides and a crater of about 2km wide that contains the world’s largest lava lake, which has erupted 34 times since 1882 and recorded for the 40% Africa’s volcano eruptions.

The Lava is often a fluid made of melilite, analkali-rich type of volcano rock and can be seen on the steep slopes

The main activity at mount Nyiragongo is the hike , which will leads you to the top of the lava lake that once erupted ,bird watching: see different number of birds, sight out animals like the white colobus monkey, velvet monkey, elephants and many more.

We advise our dear clients to be physically fit and healthy before attempting to hike the . You may also do some exercises two days before the day of hike.

Tour | Safari inclusive
English speaking Guide, Accommodation and meals, Transport, Car hire
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Tips, Personal up keep, Craft shopping, Phone bills

Day 1 | 3 days hiking Nyiragongo

African Adventure Travellers is in charge to get you an English speaking guide who will pick you up from your area of residence or hotel depending on your arrival time.

And if you’re in Uganda, you can be picked up from or however if you’re to be picked up from Uganda you need to book your trip earlier .

Drive to the genocide memorial site in Kigali, the oldest kings place Nyanza learn about the Rwanda culture then set off to Kabiti ranger, the drive is about 17km from Goma town past Kigali the land of hills. Arrive and check in at the lodge.

Accommodation (option) dinner [ Lake Kivu lodge, Mikino lodge, Bukima tented camp]

Day 2 | 3 days hiking Nyiragongo

wake up early morning and have a heavy breakfast, our guide will drive you to Kabiti ranger quarters where you will be briefed about the whole hike.

Meet the porters who will help you carry your luggage’s at a fee charge, the hike starts at exactly 10am. Hike through the forest as you spot out different bird species and tree species.

The hike takes about 5hours, when you reach summit, you might as well spot out different animals like the elephants, monkeys and bird species, set out your cameras to take great pictures of the glowing fire from the lava lake, a beautify scenery to encounter.

Overnight tents at the top of the volcanoes are set, Enjoy your meals from here near the glowing fire. This is the most charming encounter our tourists tend to enjoy.

Day 3 | 3 days hiking Nyiragongo

wake up early morning and hike back to the lodge, check out and drive to Kigali city either to your hotel or departure