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3 days Mount Elgon National Park

June 1, 2017

3 days Mount Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon has the largest volcanic base in the world. The 3 days Mount Elgon safari takes us deep to where its located. it’s found at the border of Uganda and Kenya in the eastern part of Uganda and northeast of Lake Victoria.

It was gazetted in 1963 in Kenya and 1992 Uganda, the park is designed with beautiful sceneries of the caves, hills, slopes, waterfalls, Calder’s, hot springs.

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A higher altitude provides refuge to fauna and flora n the , a habitat to over 300 bird species.

Enjoy the mountain parks frequently visited by the endangered elephants, buffaloes, monkeys, antelopes and many more.

Itinerary of our 3 days Mount Elgon National Park

Tour | Safari inclusive
Transport – vehicle, driver, fuel, Meals-lunch, Bottled water, Guide fee, Activities-hiking Nature walks
Tour | Safari Exclusives
Tipping, Phone bills, Personal expenditure, Alcoholic drinks, Travel insurance, Shop item purchases

DAY 1 – 3 days Mount Elgon safari

wake up early morning to prepare for your trip to the eastern region. our guide/drive will pick you up at your hotel, take you through the whole itinerary and start off the journey at 7am.

This early morning drive enables you not to encounter with the Traffic jam and also to reach early. Drive along the jinja high way, as you to pass by, view the tea and sugar plantations.

These plantations contribute a lot to the Uganda’s economy and job development by employing the local people, enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Proced to jinja and have a stopover on the bridge at Owen falls dam, this connects to the source of the Nile, learn about the hydroelectric power that generates power in the country of Uganda.

Continue with the journey to Mbale town, a home to the world’s largest mountain caldera. check in at the lodge, relax as you hear the sounds of falls depending on your location of accommodation.

Accommodation (option), Meal plan: lunch and dinner. [Sipi lodge, Mount Elgon cottages, The crow’s nest, Twilight sipi camp site]

Day 2 – 3 days Mount Elgon safari

wake up early morning and prepare yourself for a guided nature walk to mountain Elgon forest. spot out different tree species, this is a great chance to those who love birding to spot out different bird species like the African goshawk’s, chubs’ cisiticala, white chinned prinia, African blue fly catcher, lemon dove, mountain yellow warbler.

You might as well spot out primates like the red tailed monkeys, the white and black colobus monkeys on your lucky day. Interestingly, spot out the antelopes, buffaloes, monkeys and many more.

After your thrilling experience, return to the lodge for lunch and have another encounter to hike to the top of the falls, the hiking is 7km and it takes nearly 4hours to the falls.

This is a worthy point to tour depending on your ability to reach the falls. Enjoy the water breeze, more so, feel the cool weather after your long trek. sight see the Karamoja plains, and mountain Elgon.

Have a closer sight at the beauty of the falls and the surrounding rocks as well as spotting out bird species.

The is challenging and needs more of physical fitness until you approach the top. Relax at the magnificent falls , then later, continue with the hike as you trail through the falls enjoying the best views of the sceneries in all direction, the area is described as “ever green”, take memorable good pictures.

The trek has a well maintained network though quite challenging with steep points which need more of exercise before your tour more especially on the rainy day which is muddy and very slipper. Its advisable to put on hiking shoes before the hike.

Return to the lodge and relax. You may opt for a community walk with our guide to Bunduri community people. learn about their life style dance.

Participate in preparing food with the local people as well as to share a meal with them. Proceed and tour the Arabic coffee growers that supply in and around the country.

Finally, before 6am return to the lodge for your dinner, relaxation and overnight. Till the next day of our adventure.

Accommodation (option) Meal plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner. [Sipi lodge, Mount Elgon cottages, The crow’s nest, Twilight sipi camp site]

Day 3 – 3 days Mount Elgon safari

wake up early morning and get prepared. Our guide will drive you back to your hotel in , have a stopover in Jinja town visit the source of the Nile that supply water to Egypt and then pours in the Mediterranean sea.

Our guide will be able to give you full information about the source of the Nile that empties the largest lake in Africa and second largest in the world next to Amazon in South America.

Conclusively, after the thrilling experience, drive back to the main road back to before 6pm.