3 days Ngamba island Uganda Safari holiday tours

3 days Ngamba Island Tracking Chimpanzees on Lake Victoria Island

The drastic Views of Ngamba Island on a 3 days Ngamba Island Safari rewards us a full exploitation of Chimpanzee tracking on Lake Victoria Island. Notably, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary cares for the 49 recued Orphaned chimpanzees in its 100 acre sized land aided by the absorbing rain forest that stimulates levels of food production in the ecological set up of Ngamba Island.

Summary of our 3 days Ngamba Island Chimpanzee trekking Uganda

3 days Ngamba island Uganda Safari holiday tours

It’s your time to justify the Uganda’s best travel and tour destination Ngamba Island on your 3 days Visiting Uganda. Evaluate the rewarding events on the 3 days; Activities shall include: Ngamba Trail, Chimpanzee feeding, Ngamba Tented Camping, Visiting the fishing villages, Sunset cruise, Forest Trails, Ngamba Island relaxation, nature walks

How to get to Ngamba Island?

Ngamba Island being a touristy centre, the Uganda wildlife Authority in partnership with African Adventure Travellers responsibly arranges a short boat ride that spans 23 kms away from the main land. The boat ride gives a thrilling mood and rewards you with aquatic life encounter like aquatic birds (ducks, pigeons, geese, herons, ibises, spoon-bills , cranes, rails, moorhens ,swans, coots etc), see out the fishing villages.

Experimental 3 days Ngamba Island Guided Itinerary

Step 1 is to book with African Adventure Travellers a tours and travel Agency- in partnership with Uganda Wildlife Authority for your safety travel to visit Uganda Chimpanzees on Lake Victoria Islands. On your arrival, our tour guide will be honoured to receive and take you in a safari vehicle for your 3 days Uganda tour.

Set off to the landing site on the shores of Lake Victoria, in Entebbe City. Our guide will accompany you on 45-minutes boat ride to the targeted Uganda Island with Chimpanzee Ngamba. Later, meet Ngamba Island game ranger/Staff who will brief you about the 3 days Ngamba Island programme.

What to do and See on Ngamba Island 3 Days tour Itinerary