3 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park

3 days queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda Wildlife safari

3 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda wildlife Safari gives a Uganda tourist an authentic whisper in the passage through the Savannah dry grass to have a taste on the mother nature’s store in the Most Visited Uganda National Park Queen Elizabeth, trailing towards the rich with winter jasmine and cold South western Part on a 3 days Queen Elizabeth Safari in the un spoiled wooden savanna woodlands, following the ancient local trails disappearing as thoroughly as water dried under sun’s scorching heat, then following the bitten path bounded to the North by the snow capped mountains of the moon-mount Rwenzori, bordered by a twisted green meadow Vegetation bathing over the humid on the western Rift Valley.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is compacted by the diverse habitats differing from moist semi-deciduous forests of Maramagambo forest sharpening to the rolling grasslands of the crater areas and the low-lying swamps beneath the hills laying charcoal under the swallow moon where feeble rays struggle to shine through the broken layers of cloud opening tightly to the life giving Lake Edward and Lake George.

Overlooking the valley below, there lies the meandering Kazinga Channel connecting the comfortable lakes Edward and George dividing the park and winding through the parks forest welcoming a stray of flora that comes its way. It is part of this place, integral to life, yet also a thing unto itself. The channel is a ribbon to Queen Elizabeth National Park wildlife. A boat cruise over this channel is a MUST experience not to miss as you meander on top of the water spotting at a school of basking Crocodiles, grazing Hippos, numerous bird species-this is interesting to bird lovers.

The park was found in 1952 as Kazinga National park covering an area of over 774 sq.miles between Lake Edward and Lake George, No matter the chatter of the trees forms a refreshing habitat to over 95 species of mammals and over 500 species of birds around the famous Ishasha sector known for the roaring tree climbing lions etc.

The Park is also famous for its extraordinary volcanic features north east of lake Edward with landscapes of steep deep craters and the volcanic cones such as katwe craters believed to have been created by volcanic activities between 8000 to 10000 years ago. The crater craters play a magnificent role to the surroundings as they boost salt mining.

This Southern part of the park is thinly populated with wildlife, however the inviting Maragambo forest is a home to numerous primates wildlife like the chimpanzees, the blue and red tailed monkey, the black and white colobus monkeys etc. this place is also good for birding with over 400 bird species like the Brown black-headed, gonolek mingos and many others found in the park. Far south there exists the ishasha sector famous to comprise of the tree climbing lions, leopards, elephant, buffalo, Water buck, Uganda kob, warthogs and many more adventurous wildlife in the park.

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