6 Days Murchison Falls National-Kidepo National Park


is over 1,442 square kilometres, located in Kabongo district in the region of Karamojong. it’s the largest national park in the sub region of North-eastern part of Uganda.

Kidepo Valley National Park is a habitat to over 77 mammals like zebras, , elephants, lions,eland, cape buffaloes, bush duikers, oribs, warthog, bush pig, and many more. Also With over 500 bird species including the verreaux’s eagle, ostrich, Egyptian eagle, pygmy falcon and many more.

is located in the northern end of Albertine Rift valley one of the oldest and largest conservation area.

Murchison inhabits mammals of over 79 species and 451 birds including the shoebill stalk which is the most favorite bird that attracts many visitors at the park. All supported by the Murchison falls in the valley park

6 Days Wild Life Safaris Trip highlights

Game drive, Nature walks, Boat cruise, Cultural encounter, Wild Life, Birding,sports fishing, hot air balloon and many more activities.

Itinerary of our 6 Days Wild Life Safaris

Traveling to Kidepo has two options either flight or road transfer.

Day 1: | 6 Days Wild Life Safaris

Wake up early morning for a heavy breakfast our driver/ guide will pick up and brief you shortly about the whole itinerary and then drive to the northern part of Uganda.

An early drive enables us not to encounter with the traffic jam. Drive through Luwero triangle a city remembered for the brutal war that brought the ruling government to power.

Then, you will have a stopover to buy some fruits and the continue back to drive as you pass through Nakasongola district a large densely populated area with savanna grass land.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you might spot out cattles grazing. We will have a stopover for lunch in Gulu and continue to drive to Kitugm, we then check in at Boma hotel for overnight.

6 days wild life – Murchison Falls National Park-Kidepo National Park

This 6 days safari introduced meto Tracking Gorillas, Hiking Mountains, seeing Wild life in 6 days. A safari that made me encounter with the wild animals like Lions, Leopards, Buffalos, Elephants, Giraffes and many more

Nuwagaba Isaac

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Day 2 Kitgum to kidepo | 6 Days Wild Life Safaris

wake up early morning prepare and drive to Kidepo national park for 2-3 hours, arrive at the lodge for lunch and relax as you prepare for the fully evening game drive.

start off with the game drive to explore the parks impressive landscape including magical narus valley which gives you the best opportunity to spot out a number of wildlife in this virgin land.

spot out the zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, lions, bush duikers, elephants, buffaloes, oribs, warthog, bush pig, wild pigs spotted hyenas, elands, leopards.

For bird lovers you might as well spot out bird species including the ostriches. Afterwards return to the lodge for dinner

Accommodation (option)[Apoka safari lodge,Ngamoru wilderness camp] Meal plan: dinner

Day 3: | 6 Days Wild Life Safaris

Wake up early morning, have your heavy breakfast. After have another encounter to experience nature walk on foot to sight out animals that you could have missed during the evening game drive including the baboons ,hyenas, zebras for bird lovers you might as well have a chance to spot out bird species.

Then, have a visit(this visit is optional) to the community, see the people of the Karamoja, learn about their culture, how they dress, dance, how they grind their food using grinding stones and also the use of their Jewelries to decorate their bodies, its such a thrilling moment to experience a different home away from home.

Accommodation (option)[Apoka safari lodge, Ngamoru wilderness camp]Meal plan: breakfast and lunch

Day 4 Murchison falls national park| 6 Days Wild Life Safaris

Wake up early morning, drive through Kitgum and have a stopover in Gulu City, then continue passed Karuma falls and arrive at Murchison falls national park.

Trail through the game Park, Check in at the lodge (choose your option), experience a cultural walk with the local people, learn about their cultural well as they entertain you.

Accommodation (option)[Paara safari lodge, Chobe safari Lodge, Red chill hide away, Pakuba safari lodge, Murchison River lodge, Shoebill, camp site, Nile safari lodge] Meal plan: dinner

Day 5 | 6 Days Wild Life Safaris

Wake up early morning for your breakfast, prepare for the early morning game drive where you will step a few metres away from the wildlife.

For bird lovers, this early morning is the best time to spot out the rare shoebill which is best sighted at the park and is a main bird attraction, sight the animals like hippos go back to the water, hyenas

Our experienced guide will have good knowledge where the lions are hiding as well to spot out the leopard, the Giraffes, Zebras, warthogs, and many more, after the 4hour game drive you will go back to the lodge have lunch and relax.

Get ready for a boat cruise at 3pm, cross to the north bank of the park, spend 4 hours as you spot out herds of Buffalos, hippos ,crocodiles, elephants, Antelopes, jackals, Jackson heart beasts and many more, spot them as they cool their bodies and drink water.

Cross to the top of the falls get off the boat for a 45 minute walk to the top of the rock hills where you will have the best view of the falls and different spots during the trail.

Our guide will be ready to drive you back to the lodge to relax and prepare to explore on foot, the trails through Kaniyo and Rabongo forest provide sightings to many primates and bird watching, chameleons, frogs, geckos for 2-4 hours.

Accommodation (option)Paara safari lodge, Chobe safari Lodge, Red chill hide away, Pakuba safari lodge, Murchison River lodge, Shoebill camp site, Nile safari lodgeMeal plan:breakfast,lunch dinner

Day 6 | 6 Days Wild Life Safaris

wake up for breakfast prepare for the transfer back to Kampala before 6pm to either your hotel or departure. End of your 6 day safari.