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Buliisa City Uganda Murchison falls wildlife

August 31, 2017

Buliisa City Uganda, Buliisa Region Oil Deposits, Murchison falls wildlife

Buliisa City is an exciting Uganda town that drifts your attention. It’s located in the home western Uganda. Well, the natives named this inspiring town after the establishment of a nearby small town Buliisa. The town is built in the adjacent western hills; the physical features around this sparkling are enormous and supportive to the natives.

Buliisa City Physical Location

Western Uganda holds Buliisa City’s geographical scope, its clearly seen to be surrounded by the northwest Nebbi City, and then eastwards borderd by Masindi City. Lake Albert binds the Republic of Congo westwards of Buliisa City. The town can be accessed by a highway road curving towards its centre.

Historical Review of Buliisa Uganda

The city was formally part of Masindi City, but later divided away and clearly put in Uganda’s achieves in 2006 to form an independent City. The main economic activies here are; Farming-Pastoralism and Fishing. The two Pastoralists and Fishing families estimated to populate 804,000 people by the 2002 census record, form part of the prominent Sub region of Bunyoro Kingdom.

Key Notes:Why visit Uganda wildlife National Parks around Buliisa

It’s on record that, though there are a few compelling attractive attractions, the government of Uganda discovered Oil deposit grounds which are on the list currently among the areas being refined in the Buliisa region. It’s sighted out that, over hundreds of jobs in this mining campaign were given to the natives.

Interesting Touristic Activities around Buliisa region:

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve: This a prominent seasonal wetland manifested with Savannah, Afro-montane grassland Vegetation on the rocky rift valley escarpments penetrating the adjacent Murchison Falls National Park in the Western side. The Bugungu wildlife reserve covers an area of about 473 square kilometres.

This is a breeding ground for the rare shoebill, Abyssinian ground horn bill , numerous bird species of over 200 species, like owls, fish eagles, bats, ducks, Whimbrel, Numenius phaeopus, Common snipe, Cormorants, Pelicans, Darters, herons, ergrets and many more. Bugungu wildlife Reserve is a key zone to Birding Uganda Safari-For birders don’t miss out a golden chance.

Bugungu wildlife: Due to the small coverage of the land mass, the area is inhabited a few species of wildlife. The inhabitants supported by the perennial rivers of Waiga-Flows West wards of Kiryadongo City, Waisake-Flows to the Budongo Forest Reserve, These perennial rivers flow eastwards away from Lkae Albert. The Bugungu wildlife rervation consists of numerous Oribi Antelopes, Uganda Kobs, Buffaloes, Leopards, Hippos, wildpigs, Hyenas, Wart-hogs, bushbucks, water bucks, Colobus Monkeys and many more.

A customized safari, takes us to the neighboring touristic beautiful attractions in the adjacent Lake Albert, Murchison falls and the National Parks for an experience in Kayaking, bungee jumping, Uganda Murchison falls National Park wildlife, Birding Murchison falls, Game drives, Culture encounters and many more.