1 Day bwindi Gorillas

There are different activities taking place in Bwindi

Nature walks: visit the Rushaga community women, these women are in one community and can perform different cultural dances after your long journey. And is full of entertainment

Batwa community: a community of pygmies who used to stay in caves  in the late years, enjoy their dances, stories of how they survived, when they were chased out of the forest and more of their past social life.

Explore their social life, and be able to seeou how they construct their houses and perform different activities.


During your nature, you can enjoy bird watching in the forest of Bwindi, over 250 bird species in the forests like the green pigeon mountain, African harrier hawk, giant king fisher etc.

Explore different species during this forest walk like geckos, types of frogs, elephants in the swamp.

Water fall trail:  have a walk to the falls of Rushaga and another community fall where you see the fern tree and other tree species including non-eatable mushroom.

See on close distance, the amazing great sounds of the falls which are breathe taking after a long move to the falls in this rain forest of Bwindi.

During the nature walk you will be able to see the colobus black white monkeys moving on over the trees of Bwindi impenetrable forest.

Gorilla trekking: Trekking starts as early as 8am, be able to see the Nshongi group of Gorilla with a day permit which needs to be booked in advance to trek the Gorillas in the forest.

Community school: Be guided by the community guide, visit the community school and see how these children’s day life goes in education with no computers but pass highly. Enjoy their entertainment of welcoming songs.

Visit the Traditional healer: also known to be their midwife in the community, He will show you or teach you how the local medicine is used to treat people in the community, and during labor pains the traditional healers

Community Craft shops:  see how women of Rushaga community make crafts and the weaving of the baskets in the local way without the use of technology system.

At night you can be guided to the local bars if interested, to experience how these local people enjoy their bars and how they dance throughout the night.

Gold mining: Be guided to the forest, see the local gold miners how they mine gold in such an amazing way with streams of water flowing around.