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Congo Safaris give rise to saddles and corridors believed to be among the top destinations in the pearl Africa that gives a gripping eye sight, the unfit and sick can't handle rushing to feel another home away from home, the Unique nature of Congo wildlife determines the sweet memorable Safari down the plains covered by smoke and lost in all alone wilderness, a place where Lions love to busk targeting for their preys, the voluminous mountain ranges seen swirling and disappearing with a flash down the Congo Jungles.

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Where to find an authentic Africa Safari, Where to go, What to see

Where to find an authentic Africa Safari, Where to go, What to see

Where to find an authentic Africa Safari, Where to go, What to see, What to do, Reviews,  Packages Revised: 5th February 2018. Uganda Wildlife Authority, African Safaris. Discovering the authentic Africa Safari just like it was way back then 50 years back or as it is described in the trendy medias like CNN, BBC etc […]

3 days Congo gorilla trekking Virunga Wildlife

3 days congo gorilla trekking

3 days congo Gorilla Trekking Virunga wildlife with Mountain Gorillas Virunga ranges still hold the beauty beyond the earth’s mantle, the bustling virunga Mountain Ranges make it easily achievable for gorilla trekking virunga. Our 3 days congo gorilla trekking  in Virunga ranges(Mufumbiro ranges) opens you to a beautiful picturesque and captivating memories over this touristy […]

Hiking mountains safari Tours Travel Guidelines Africa

hiking mountains

Mountain Hiking, Mountaineering Uganda Tours, Mountain Climbing Uganda 12-08-2017 By Gorilla Trips Uganda Mountain Hiking Uganda is an alluring Uganda Safari that involves vigorous walk, usually on trails (footpaths), in the countryside, hiking mountains makes you feel the authentic nature of the serrated Uganda mountains looming in the distance engrossed by the Savannah ragged terrains, […]

3 days Nyiragongo Mountain Hiking Volcano

3 days Nyiragongo Mountain Hiking

3 days Nyiragongo Mountain Climbing Safari Prepare for your adventurous 3 days Nyiragongo safari hiking the smoky Strato Nyiragongo voluminous volcano Summit known to be the world’s largest lava lake raised in the Rwanda. The rewarding trails are enormous full of life giving epic views as you travel through Gisenyi Rwanda or diverging via Congo. […]

3 Days Gorilla tracking RwandaTrekking Virunga National Park

Rwanda Gorilla Permit Increase 3 days gorilla rwanda gorilla trips uganda

3 Days Gorilla tracking Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park The 3 days Gorilla tracking Rwanda tour guide delights your Rwanda Gorilla tour Safari to the alluring Volcanoes National Park Rwanda Gorillas, gorilla trekking Rwanda stimulates your memories on your Rwanda Safari in quest for Gorilla trekking Rwanda in Volcanoes ranges. Rwanda gorilla trips take you through […]

Mount Nyamuragira Virunga Mountains Congo

Mount Nyamuragira

Mount Nyamuragira Virunga Mountains Congo Mount Nyamuragira is an active volcanoes that offers a memorable authentic Hiking Mount Nyamuragira Safari activities due to its magical nature, in a distance there stands the whitish fumes of snow like steams rumbling down the rocky steeps of the serrated mountain rocks looming in a distance giving a thrilling […]