Where to find an authentic Africa Safari, Where to go, What to see

Where to find an authentic Africa Safari, Where to go, What to see, What to do, Reviews,  Packages

Revised: 5th February 2018. Uganda Wildlife Authority, African Safaris.

Discovering the authentic Africa Safari just like it was way back then 50 years back or as it is described in the trendy medias like CNN, BBC etc invites us to the Magical wilderness of Africa behind the ancient mark where the first step of Man is believed to have Originated from. The Africa traditional cultures, over 400 in the voluminous Bwindi Impenetrable, the most touristic Savannah National Parks, finest birding destinations with over 1000 bird species, hundreds of Mammals, the Africa Safari primates including Chimpanzees, Monkeys and many others.

African Adventure travellers gives you the Africa travel guide with the current trendy Safari guides about the existing and most touristic Uganda Safaris, Occurring events in the wilderness.  Travel with us as we explore the Gardens of Eden on the country side where the Sun forms sweet Orange rays in the Savannah Plains offering memorable activities.

Why Visit Uganda , Why Choose a Uganda Safari, Where to go?

has always been every man’s desire to explore the true wilderness frontiers of Africa. Great European explorers and Missionaries like Stanely, Prince Henry among other couldn’t fail to leave a mark on the hosted true definition of the pearl of Africa.

Where to find an authentic Africa Safari, Where to go, What to seeUganda can be described as the true heart of Man’s monuments in the open cities of Adam offering the best Safari destinations in Africa, Previously, Uganda features to be the top Safari destination in National Geographic, Lonely Planet and many statistical companies. The inviting country Uganda Africa Safari is a home to the Kings of the Jungles Mountain Gorillas with numerous gorilla habituation, accessible to visitors, Uganda defines the source of the longest river in the World – .

Uganda offers an everyday new experience stretching from the Pleistocene beauty with edge marks to the African adventures one can never forget of. The specials in Bwindi give it rise to the rewardable Gorilla trekking Safari with an encounter to the first man to live in forests (Some societies have continued to live in the forest), How about climbing the rocky Snowcapped Ranges with geysers and traversing rivers below the foot hills.

The Aunthetic Africa Safari your Wilderness frontier Travel Guide