Hiking Sabyinyo Mountain 3669m Summit

3 Days hiking Mount Sabyinyo safari is a reverting mountain climbing Safari as you get thrilled through the coniferous trees and rocky edges pointing to the sky, Your Mountain Climbing Sabyinyo safari opens you to the rewarding east African volcanoes in the spreading Virunga Mountains a home to the enormous mountain gorillas and numerous wildlife species where our Mountain Sabyinyo safari rotates.

Mountain Sabyinyo sometimes known as Sabinyo or Sabinio derives its name from a kinyarwanda word "Iryinyo" as termed by the locals, simply meaning "tooth" by its nature of rocky formation thrusting to the sky. The stunning volcanoe landform is spotted at and accessed in the gripping gallery forests of river red gum with various grasses and plant species that lined and carpeted the Virunga highlands.

Our Sabyinyo mountain hiking safari takes us to the epic open plateaus north-east of the life giving Lake Kivu forming part of the independent great lakes of Africa, as you turn ya arm westwards, you be amused by the ancient historical lake Bunyonyi basin forming its adventorous sand masses that attracts a muzungu to enjoy sun bathing here.

3 Days Sabyinyo Mountain Hike | Hiking 3669m Top of Mount Sabinyo in Mgahinga National park Uganda

Feel the wrath of the titans in the prominent vuluminous volcanoe ranges on your 3 days hiking mountain safari

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The Hiking Mountain Sabyinyo Summit Adventure

Prepare to hug borders with the neighboring democratic Republic of congo,Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, the meandering sabyinyo trails raise to the mountain summit stamding at 3,645 metres approximated at 11,959 ft forming a broad intersection with these neighboring countries travesring through the prominent home of Gorillas in the Virunga national park chained in Congo, the volcanoes National Park squeezed in Rwanda and the stunning most populated Gorilla National Park Mgahinga Uganda.

Day 1 - Arrival,Pick up and Transfer to the Neighboring

Have an early breakfast, prepare for a drive to Kisoro town, the only neighboring town near Mountain Sabyinyo, to get ready for your next day's Activities. Depending on your area of pick up, a pick up from Entebbe Airport,Kampala takes us through Uganda’s equator with a stopover in , Enjoy your adventure by taking some photographs

Later, continue to , Have lunch at Agip Motel [optional]and continue through , followed by a 1 hour drive to Kisoro. Check into Travellers Rest for a relaxation and an Overnight

Day 2 - Hiking Sabyinyo Summit

Hiking Sabyinyo Hiking Sabyinyo Climbing the extinct volcano is normally done in south western Uganda and this consists of climbing 3-peaks. Sabyinyo takes us through the mountain subinyo muddy trails often on wooden ladders.Expect some partial rains and clearing clouds as you get to the beautiful view of Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo.Inquire Email: info@gorillatripsuganda.com

At this time, the view is at times reduced to 10ft, reach the summit view and feel the warmth of all the three neighboring Countries Uganda, Rwanda and Congo alongside the rewarding virunga ranges at ease in the stunning gorilla national parks. This Hiking Sabyinyo safari, sometimes involves walking straight high up the mountain without going round it. It's good to take caution that you practice for it or you might need to hire a potter to lift you in case you get tired on the way

From this Hiking Sabyinyo adventure, you will be tired probably, head back to the checked in hotel/ lodge for relaxation, dinner and overnight. Accommodation at the Travellers Rest.

Day 3 - Retire back and Transfer to

After your breakfast, Prepare your self to embark on your return journey back to kampala or area of pick up. The hike can take up to 8 hours and and 14km in return.

Hiking recommendations: Walking sticks, Rain Jackets, Hiking Boots, sunscreen/ Insect repellent, Head Caps, Gloves.

Note:You can customise your safari to include gorilla trekking in the vuluminous mountain ranges of Virunga