Laico Lake Victoria Uganda Luxury Safari hotel

Laico Lake Victoria Uganda Luxury Safari hotel: it’s a Uganda luxury Safari hotel located 6 minutes drive away grom the international airport of Uganda and 16 minutes away from Golf club of Entebbe easily accessed for travelers and business travelers well as favoring both the locals and internationals.

Laico Lake Victoria in the middle of Entebbe town center. The Uganda Safari hotel provides both local and international cuisines with a daily outdoor breakfast depending on your safari budget price, a full board can be provided. It’s a Uganda Safari luxury hotel rated in 4 star hotels.

This Uganda Safari luxury hotel has Very relaxed room types with a separate living area, they range in executive double, executive twin, standard rooms

with showers inside both cold and hot water, air-conditioned room telephones with a private balcony, lamp stand near beds, a bedroom wardrobe and a fitting TV in the room.

These luxury rooms have views over the gardens and Lake Victoria the largest lake in Uganda and second largest in the world having reverting Safari activities like the Victoria beaches around, activities like swimming, sunbathing, Boat rides, aquatic wildlife, spot fishing, motor rides on water and many more.

Laico Lake VictoriaLaico Lake Victoria Uganda Safari luxury hotel provides magnificent catchy activities like the fast free wireless internet in the hotel environment and rooms, safes and minibars. Suites add separate living areas. It offers laundry services and babysitting but with additional charges.

Laico Lake Victoria luxury safari hotel has a spa, sauna with a swimming pool including a fitness center with an amazing area which has a well maintained botanical garden filled with sounds of birds and a view of sunrise with a sunset reflection on the water makes a life giving home for your comfortability. They have enough security personnel 24hours with CCTV cameras ready for your safety and comfortable.

Top things to do in Entebbe - Entebbe Travel Guide

Entebbe is a town on a peninsula in Lake Victoria, in Central Uganda. there stands reverting area beaches among which include the famous Lido Beach, near the Entebbe International Airport of Uganda. The lakeside Uganda Wildlife Education Centre is an alarming place to be in for your safari adventure, its a home to native Uganda wildlife animals in the wetland, forest and the savanna habitats. Nearby, there shines the Entebbe Botanical Garden which has a rich diversity of plants, birds and monkeys.

Ngamba Island Sanctuary: Extending in the entebbe Outskirts, there stands the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, which protects orphaned chimps and can be easily accessed when around entebbe.

Reptile village in Entebbe: Have excellent great views and excitements to see a local conservation initiative compiled with reptiles. There are however few reptiles to see and mostly of the 'dangerous' kind which makes you wonder whether it is really a rescue centre as they claim.

Zika Forest: The Ziika Forest, normally refereed to as the Zika Forest by the locals, is a Uganda tropical forest near the Entebbe city in Uganda. Ziika means "overgrown" in the Luganda language. well, this place rises to make a historical record. Zika virus was first discovered here in 1947, during a routine surveillance for yellow fever in the Zika forest in Uganda by Yellow Fever Research Institute scientists but the good news is that the virus was eradicted