Mountain Elgon National park is located in the east part of Uganda and northeast part Lake Victoria, largest volcanic base bordering Kenya and Uganda.

Mountain Elgon National park is covered on a total surface area of 140km2 , its one of the oldest National park in East Africa. The Uganda part covers 1,110square kilometres while the Kenyan part covers 169 square kilometres.

It was established in 1963 in Kenya and 1992 in Uganda with sceneries like caves, hills ,and slopes ,waterfalls,  Calder’s, hot springs ,mountain parks which are frequently visited by elephants, cape buffaloes.

Lake Elgon in the Kenyan part measures 13,852feet high at koitobas side, It can easily be reached by hikers. The mountain is a water catchment for the Nzoia River which flows to Lake Victoria in the northeast and Turkan River which flows to Lake Turkan in Kenya.

The Vegetation on Mountain Elgon National park changes with the higher you go, the lower part of the forest is filled with ferns and flowering plants.

Encounter with Africans nature at its best at mount Elgon and sipi falls African coffee is also grown around the mountain Elgon you can buy yourself  different activities at mountain Elgon National park for example bird watching, game drives, hiking, cave explorations, camping, primate watching, hot springs, ancient painting,

culture interaction with the Bagisu people, learn about their live style dance, prepare food with the local people, as well as sharing the prepared meal, learn something about their  marriage customs, how males are circumcised before they marry off and this shows power that a man has grown .

The tribe believes in circumcision of the males before marriage, family and friends gather at the event with the candidate although visitors and tourists are allowed but pictures are taken at a charge of fee.

The event takes place in august and December.

Visit the Bagisu coffee: would you want to find out where your coffee comes from?  Mountain Elgon is the best place to learn from.

Mount Biking, the trail runs from sipi falls trading centre to chema hills where one can have the best view of various waterfalls.

Hiking enjoy the hike at mountain Elgon as you be near the birds, primates, rare tree species. The hike leads to the ancient caves and waterfalls, the slopes proved an area for camping at the falls .

Mountaineering a hike to the peak of the falls can take about 4 days, potters and guides are there to lead you to the mountain peak, the fourth highest in East Africa and the best time to climb is during dry season.

Bird watching: for those who love birds, the park shelters a number of birds in various trails which can be taken on foot for a day or half: Some of the birds are African goshawk’s, chubbis cisiticala, white chinned prinia, African blue fly catcher, lemon dove, mountain yellow warbler, the guided walk to sipi falls were you might spot out a number of birds.

Nature walks which can lead you to the falls and the walls of sipi falls which are refreshing, view the beautiful sceneries of the falls  as you encounter with rock climbing  to a 35m climb and 15m climb which is the easiest at sipi.

Accommodations option: The crow’s nest, Twilight sipi camp site, Sipi falls lodge

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