Rwanda Gorilla Permit Increase

Some of the reasons why there was a Rwanda Gorilla Permit Increase:

We are involved in arranging Gorilla safaris for Tourist who want to track in Rwanda to experience the only 60% of Mountain Gorillas left in the wild.

On the 6th of May 2017, we confirmed the increase of Gorilla permits which was effective immediately by the chief executive officer of Rwanda Development Board
Where the countries Tourism arm lies, Clare Akemenzi ‘announced the increase of Gorilla permits for foreign tourists to $1,500 .

Previously | Past Days experience before the Rwanda Gorilla Permit Increase

The permit was sold at $750 ,East African residents $450 , East African citizenship $300,Rwanda residents $375,Rwanda citizenship RWF 30,000.

In addition to the trekking fee the Rwanda Development Board has also introduced a new exclusive package for tourist who would wish to book for an entire Gorilla family at $15,000.

Main Target as to why:

This will help to ensure that the Gorilla trekking will be more exclusive with personalized guide services for clients.

Is there any big effect as regards to the Rwanda Gorilla Permit Increase?

The Gorilla permit increase will not affect Tourist who had already booked their permits upon announcement. she adds on saying Tourists who visit for a minimum of 3days in the national parks like Nyungwe and Akagera in addition to Gorilla trekking will receive a discount of 30% and a 15%.

Pre or Post Conference Dates:

For the conference tourist who will stay pre or post conference dates to see the Gorillas, the head of Tourism and conservation stated the reasons why the permits were increased.
This will aim to strengthen on the development, and to ensure the sustainability of conservation and visitors experience.
This was also involved to make sure the local people and the community near the park area receive a bigger share of Tourism revenue founds development project.
That this, empowers them economically, the community was excited upon the hearing of the good news announced.
Although this increase has caused a lot of questions in the neighboring countries that sell Gorilla permits like Congo and Uganda whose forests inhabit the same Gorillas, like Uganda whose permits are unchanged at $600 during high season and low season $450.
In all the three countries mountain Gorillas are only found in national parks and cannot survive in the zoo.
The ones in the zoo are the Low land Gorillas there for book your permit in advance you’re your Gorilla trekking .