Best Things to do in Rwanda: Rwanda Tourist attractions

Enjoy the welcoming stray of flora, fauna and the deeming Rwanda woodlands, tour the centre of Rwanda, the best things to do in Rwanda guided by Our Rwanda Safari guide along with the Rwanda map that takes you all through the the perfect Rwanda adventure arches rising high into the sky on your Rwanda tour

Nyungwe Forest, Musanze Rwanda Tourist attractions

Nyungwe forest trails is one of the winning Rwanda Tourist attractions, it gives spectacular views in the skies, its forms a big part of Rwanda’s tourism. It offers a great setting in the bio diverse, it’s a habitat to over 13 primates, the dominant primate being the , the other including colobus monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, silver monkeys and owl face monkeys and numerous bird species. Enjoy Nyungwe forest canopy safari, chimpanzee trekking and other activities.

Lake Kivu, Gisenyi Rwanda Tourist attractions

gives spectacular views, its mouth of a thick sulfurous stream makes it one of the highly valued and adventurous Rwanda Tourist attractions on your Rwanda Safari. It spreads its beauty about 100km towards the western border of Rwanda and the adjacent Congo. The welcoming ports on Lake Kivu like Rubavu give a magnificent picturesque as plunges open wards to form the lake beaches pointing to the rewinding City Virunga.

Nyamata Church, Kigali Rwanda Tourist attractions

Nyamata Church, Kigali Rwanda Tourist attractionsThis is also a memorial gathering for the remains of the 1994,  its one of the best things to do in Rwanda this the best thrilling genocide of Rwanda, The church is a bank to this memorial myth, Surprisingly the church has maintained its looks since the by then catastrophe. You will still be able to see the victim’s belongings like clothes piled on the pews, some bearing blood stains showcasing the tragedy that befell in Rwanda. Well, the place is busy from January to December, Many tourists come here to pay respect to the dead as well as seeing what really happened and listening to the stories told by some of the elders around.

Ntarama Church, Kigali Rwanda Tourist attractions

Ntarama Church, Kigali Rwanda Tourist attractionsWell, Ntaram church is also a massacre symbol to the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. Rwanda is fully enriched with numerous Rwanda Tourist attractions centres holding the remains of innocent souls who were brutally killed. Ntarama Church in context is one of the centres, it was declared as a memorial ground to show a mark of respect to the dead people of the Rwanda genocide stale.

Akagera National Park, Kigali Rwanda Tourist attractions

Notable plains game include zebra, waterbuck, roan, elephant, buffalo, topi, antelope and eland in the Akagera Nsational ParkVisit the best safari park in for your adventurous holidays, the numerous wildlife Rwanda confine its niche along the eastern border of Rwanda. Short visits can be arranged to , Encounter with Rwanda Tourist attractions- Wildlife like Elephants, hippos, buffalo, giraffe, kobs, warthogs, toppis and many more. It’s also a key centre to Rwanda birding Safaris due to its different bird species in the park like the rare shoe bill and the red- faced barbets

Volcanoes National Park, Ruhengeri Rwanda Tourist attractions

Volcanoes National ParkVisit the cloud mist lifted in the bordering the ridges of the Democratic republic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda. Hug a country from another Country on the rolling edges towards the summit levels, many tourists come here for gorilla trekking Virunga volcanoes National Park, the numerous Gorilla families are a key for gorilla watching. Stand a chance to see numerous bird species and the different mammals in the area

Gisozi Genocide Memorial Centre/ Kigali Memorial Centre, Kigali

This Rwanda Tourist attractions zone is also seen to a memorial centre to thousands of body remains above 250000 buried victims, the memorial stands the graves of the buried souls. Well, come here to pay respect to the dead, donations can also be solicited to the Gisozi Genocide Memorial Centre authority.

National Museum of Rwanda, Butare Rwanda Tourist attractions

Visit the so called “the intellectual capital of Rwanda” with shinning open buildings, its attracts numerous visitors and no wonder this is one of thebest touristic place in Rwanda, a visit to the latter manifests your attention to the neighboring areas of interest like the Institute of scientific research and the National University. It’s a best place to those aiming at wildlife research, have a chance to look at the ethnographic collections bearing the oldest and largest colony of Rwanda, Butare the highly attractive city, and as well learning about the symbols of African Rwanda culture and life.

Virunga Mountains, Virunga Volcanoes

This is a global territory for the endangered species, the mountain Gorillas, for Rwanda Gorilla safaris, then look no further than the Virunga mountain ranges a place swallowed up by the jungle, this a habitat to the Rwanda Gorilla families. For Gorilla trekking Virunga Mountains, we customise a Rwanda Gorilla tracking safari to the jungle. Trek to the highest mountain peak Karusimbi standing 4507 metres high

Inema Art Center, Kigali Rwanda Tourist attractions

Be entertained by self-taught artists whose main objective is to hold the economic, social and personal creativity before the world. You can as well be part of the team and try learning their dance skills. The Inema Art centre is comprised of a team of 10 artists who took their time to learn the African culture in conjunction with African Art at their un traceable hidden talent.

Iby'Iwacu Cultural Village Rwanda Tourist attractions

Be filled with Rwanda style cultural performances that include dances and storytelling, be Part of the crazy dance performers, performing ancient traditions. The society is hospitable and welcoming. At least you can be assured of feeling the pleasurable land of Rwanda as you feel the ground performances. They will be happy to welcome you with lots of prays and performances

Kayaking and Canoeing Rwanda Tourist attractions

Do you want to feel the freezing grounds of Rwanda at your palm, then enjoy kayaking or canoeing on the Rwanda’s stunning Lake Kivu one of the highly trending Rwanda Tourist attractions, a complete Itinerary for your Rwanda Kayaking Safari guides you throughout the whole excursion from the Capital City of Rwanda Kigali to the best kayaking areas in Rwanda. Guided Canoeing down the foot hills of the gracious Virunga volcanoes in the basin of Musanze is possible, a full day itinerary can be customized for you safari in the fresh waters spinning over the rocks. No experience is needed and whilst there are trips running almost every day, it's a good idea to book in advance.

Rwanda Boat Safaris Rwanda Tourist attractions

The best fringing Boat safaris can be seen on the rewarding Lake Ihema, Have a 1 hour boat drive over the stable basins of the lake sighting at a school of Hippos, water birds and numerous grazing animals in the biomass.

Musanze Caves Rwanda Tourist attractions

Musanze Caves been in existence for over hundreds of years, they are believed to have been formed during the geological disintegration of the earth’s mantle to form the stunning land forms of Virunga volcanoes. The musaze caves are 1.25 miles long and highly form the biggest percentage of Rwanda Tourist attractions. They can be accessed just a blink of an eye outside the city which is normally a 1 hour and 30 minutes to the spilling rocky caves. Penetrate the caves through the bed of loose and wet sand that yields underfoot to form a deep hole. Previously these caves were used by the peace seekers who were running away from the brutal war killings of the 1992 Rwanda genocide. The guide will explain to you the caves formation, ways how people used to hide here.