Uganda Gorillas

Uganda Gorillas in Bwindi Mgahinga National Parks

Mountain Gorillas / Uganda Gorillas

These endangered Uganda Gorillas are entrancing and inviting to look at and learn about easily, all this is enacted by the biggest number of Gorillas in the region, having the biggest number of about 400 Uganda gorillas in Bwindi forest.

Uganda GorillasGorilla tracking Bwindi is adventurous and rewarding as you get exposed to Families of Uganda Gorillas and different habituations. The other supporting habitat is Mgahinga National Park dominated by more than 80 Uganda Gorillas summing it over 480 gorillas

Why Uganda harbors the Biggest Population of Mountain Gorillas.

Uganda is a country blessed with a stable climate and a life giving atmosphere, the supporting elevation of about 1000 and 1500 metres makes it enjoyable and supportive to all settlements. It can be seen to consist of pleasing geographical features like mountain ranges, depressions and tablelands culminating to the compelling atmosphere to the Mountain Gorillas.

Habitats: The presence of ever green habitats that act as a source of shelter and food to the mountain Gorillas gives it a big remedy to ably live in large numbers as they multiply. It’s clear that Uganda habituates numerous Gorillas that have in turn been a source of prime income from tourism.

A pleasurable number of Uganda Gorillas is found in one of the biggest popular national parks, Bwindi Impenetrable National park, and the other being Mgahinga National park all spanning their beauty from the South-western Uganda.

How to Track Uganda Gorillas


A full detailed Itinerary along with our responsible tour company shall guide you to these mind-blowing habituation sectors. A few items like walking stick, Gloves, a cap, gumboots shall be good for you to navigate through the forest trails as you track the Mountain Gorillas. Depending on your Gorilla pemit, there shall it determine your area of tracking.

Best time to Track Mountain Gorillas:

Uganda is a world that embraces nature and its inhabitants, Tracking Uganda Gorillas normally happens from June to September, then also from December to early match. However, the absorbing climate and Geography of Uganda still favors to track Gorillas at any time of the year. Both the dry and wet seasons are seen to be active with tourists from across countries.

Gorilla Permits and Bookings:

A Gorilla permit is a card or document issued by the services or boards in charge of wildlife for example the Uganda wildlife Authority, which enables you to trek the mountain Gorillas in certain Sectors. Inquire about how you can get one: Email us: