East Africa Types of mountains, volcanic, block and fold mountains.

Types of East Africa mountains do vary based on their formation as described in most of the geographical books, well the nature of Africa holds some which are seen to be vampire-white, some with waves of white snow down the adjacent the craggy steeps, some are sky-stabbing pointing in the clouds with deep crater lakes on top, some form up to stand with peaks like those of harpoon tips shrouded to form sheers engrossed in a ghost-grey mist structure.

types of MountainsEast Africa holds both volcanic, block and fold mountains and all these are accessed and seen with a man's naked eye, the voluminous serrated mountains loom in a distance to form unique vegetation covers attracting for a human kind to enjoy a creek of bed of roses on the countryside.

We have explored most of the African countries, Our last was a , we visited one of the Voluminous Volcanic Mountains, we had to foot towards this Pleistocene feature, all the African Safaris we prepare, we give it a try to set up fire and enjoy camping in the green silent hood, we observed - a volcanic dome with fire flames stinging into clouds, it seemed flour - white and brooded higher elevations. The un explored vicinity here is a mouthwatering adventure.

To summarize it all, all the East African mountains fight us back with colder freezing climates as we hike towards the higher elevations, one can observe that, the mountain summits tend to be abandoned by ecosystems, however lower elevations are squeezed with different wildlife and plant species like ferns down the rocky defined edges crashing into a chasm that follows silence below the boundaries.

Authentic Guide to Types of East Africa Mountains